Physical and Mental Tests

What is psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessment is a standard procedure with a defined set of tests to measure the mental and behavioral capabilities of an individual. The test assesses individuals on parameters that are a probable requirement for a specific role. Mostly these tests are conducted by human resource during the recruitment process to ensure that the applicant has the right mental, behavior, and physical traits required for the job.

More information on psychometric assessment

As opposed to a face to face interview, the psychometric assessments are more detailed in nature and reveal the hidden aspects and personality traits of an individual that are often left out during regular interviews.

In a typical psychometric assessment, the HR contacts the application after initial screening and a psychometric test scheduled is given to the applicant along with the specific parameters that will be covered during the test. The candidate must prepare himself to appear on the given day and go through the evaluation.

Is the Assessment Reliable?

There are applicants who voice their concerns on the credibility of these test and contest that the results are not a proper representation of their real abilities. However, statistically, the method has been proven to be effective and use the same standard of testing for all applicants. Due to its endorsement by psychologists, the system is likely to stay and candidates should expect a call for psychometric tests by the human resource after an employment interview.

Since most firms define the standards for the tests, the candidates have the option to prepare for such tests by doing their self-assessment before appearing for the actual test. A candidate should cover his basic self-assessment, physical assessment and social tests to get a fair idea of how to deal with the actual test.

Performing Self Assessment:

It is a process through which a person can assess themselves, and check all aspects important to a person overall identity.

The Act of Self Assessment:

Self-assessment is a process in which an individual begins a process of evaluation oneself to check all aspects important to a person overall identity.

Before appearing for an organizational assessment a person can do a self-assessment by gathering information about himself and check his values, interests, personality, and aptitude. The results are an indicator of how the person will be perceived by the human resource during their assessment.

Most people prefer to hire a career consultant or a psychologist to design and supervise their self-assessments so the results of these tests are authenticated and can help a person to apply for a specific job or select a career.

Applicability of Mental assessment?

A mental health assessment is a crucial test for self-assessment that gives you results of your emotional capabilities. It covers your thinking, reasoning and cognitive abilities. These tests are conducted by psychologists and medical professionals and are an important personality trait that must be checked for in self-assessment.

Going for Physical Assessment:

Many organizations require the applicant to go through a physical test and it is better to have a physical examination before attempting the actual physical test at the organization. These physical tests are conducted by a medical practitioner to check your overall health. If there are any complications in the results you must address them before you can apply and appear for an organization physical test.

As more organizations are focusing on mental, physical and emotional abilities of their employees, it is important that self-assessment process for health, emotional, or mental conducts are done properly, and results are administered by a medical professional.